Nude Portraits

Comte’s work celebrates the naked human body, representing it with an honesty and power never seen before in visual history. His nudes are liberated and unrestrained – and totally at ease with what they are. Provocative and sexy, Comte inspires his models to understand themselves with a total honesty, allowing them to find a confidence within themselves. Unafraid to explore the complexities of sexuality, the final portrait frequently steps away from Classically ascribed norms of beauty, to redefine the very notion of beauty itself. Important works include the ‘Rizzoli Nudes’, ‘Water Nudes’ and the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ series, depicting models with wild animals.



Comte’s portraits are synonymous with the 1990s, the era when the notion of the Supermodel reached its zenith. The height of glamour, his portraits were amongst the most famous and vibrant of the innumerable images taken of these all-conquering women. Comte shot all the major names of the period, including Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and Linda Evangelista. He would also create intense and complexly composed group shots that emphasise the artist ability to arrange colour and form with a painter’s eye.


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Online Exclusive Editions

The perfect gift is dropping just in time for the Holiday Season: our New Release 2021 Online Exclusive Editions! Previously unavailable for sale and never seen by the general public, these works have been selected by curator Georgina Casparis. This is the first time Michel Comte’s work has been available in this new format and in an edition of 100. The selection is focused on familiar figures from popular culture that provide a neat entry point into Comte’s work and themes.

the artist

Combining passion and glamour with an impulsive spontaneity, Swiss artist Michel Comte has redefined photography and portraiture throughout his 30-year career. Moving deftly between art and fashion, his work encapsulates the feelings and aesthetics of the late 20th century, drawing out intensely individual images of his subjects.

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